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Capture Opportunity

We have the accreditation of a college, with the flexibility and hands-on experience that gives students a competitive edge in employment and their future.

Real World Experience.

Instructors are experts with front-line, industry relevant knowledge.

Receive a National Credential.

Completing the program gives apprentices a federally recognized credential similar to a 36- hour community college certificate

Learn from Anywhere.

The ETA Learning Portal is available from anywhere at anytime.


Have a specific mentor deemed fit to lead you by our staff and your full-time employer.

Build Meaningful Relationships.

Instructors and staff hold scheduled office hours to ensure personable experiences for students.

Learn What Matters.

All courses are entirely controls and automation specific.


Find a second career in an industry that values your military experience. By participating in Registered Apprenticeship, veterans can use their GI bill benefits for housing, tools, and other resources available by various funding sources.



Earn while you learn. Through Emerging Technology Apprenticeships, you get all of the benefits of learning without the loans and risk of traditional universities.


Our Registered Apprenticeship programs offer new opportunity for women wanting to enter emerging technology careers. In the 2021-2022 Program Year, The Emerging Technology Apprenticeship Program had three (3) times the national average of women in these occupations.

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Career Changers

Don't let a lack of industry experience deter you from achieving your career goals. 45% of applicants of The Emerging Technology Apprenticeship Program are from previously unconnected applicants, with no prior connections to our emerging technology industry.


Get hired anywhere. No matter where you are, the Smart Infrastructure Industry needs you. Through our North American partners, the opportunity is endless.