We help educators serving at universities and colleges scale their ability to help us attract, mentor, and educate a new generation workforce.

Formal Internships

Easily comply with STEM based grants and accreditation requirements with our turnkey internships.

Apprenticeship Job Placement

Fill all the seats in your courses by placing students into high wage-earning career paths.

Externships for Instructors and Teachers

Gain real experience during summer or break by working in a paid externship.  Attend industry seminars and conferences.  Participate in industry train the trainer courses to get connected to the work students will do when they graduate.

Workforce Development Briefings

Keep your internal staff and advisory boards informed with the most current data related to occupational data, wages, learning outcomes, and forecasted vacancies for emerging technology jobs in your local community.

Coming Soon! Instant Lab-Based Course

Delivery operational technology courses with minimum cost and developments with turnkey curriculum, assessments and content ready for a supervising instructor.