Smart Infrastructure 

Emerging Technology Apprenticeships is an organization established to administer apprenticeship programs for employers in the Smart Infrastructure Industry. Our mission is to attract a new generation to our workforce and equip them to make an impact.

Apprenticeship Impact

Whether a person is starting from scratch, starting over or starting with industry knowledge, Emerging Technology Apprenticeships allow apprentices to go from "green" to "great" through a program designed to build a career and future in Smart Infrastructure. 

Our Program


Employers drive our curriculum to so time spent in training provides maximum value to both learners and employers.


Nationally recognized certifications are issued to graduates by state or federal agencies at program completion.

Progressive Pay Scales

Apprentices are paid while they learn. Progressive pay increases at key milestones provide value to apprentices and employers.


Employers drive our curriculum to stay current with technology and ensure the time spent training provides maximum value to both learners and employers.


Mentors designated by the employer provide on job learning and guidance to tie the instruction to real life application. Mentors signoff apprentices when they are capable to do ongoing work independently.


Pace & Impact Reports

Maintaining momentum to graduate 90% requires that apprentices stay on pace and that enthusiasm and support continue through

graduation. We keep you informed along the way.

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